Bob Ross

Bob Ross, owner of R.A.R.E. Photography, located in Albany, Oregon, has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. He taught a college course in photography for 25 years and continues to mentor serious amateur and professional photographers. Bob is a Nikon Professional and an active member of the Willamette Valley Photo Arts Guild, a group of serious photographers who challenge each other to exceptional high-caliber photography. Visit our website at  http://www.photoartsguild.org

Though a sole proprietorship, Bob networks with many professionals in related industries to bring a talented team of people to bear on unusual photographic issues. This strategy enables him to provide a wide range of high quality photographic services while keeping costs down for his clients.

Advertising. We photograph such things as foods, equipment and products for use in newspapers, sales brochures, menus, trade shows and TV ads.

Aerials. Field and forest inventory and condition surveys, housing and commercial developments, real estate properties, land use, construction.

Agriculture. Tiling, tilling, liming, spraying, crop development and response to fertilizers and watering, harvesting and field burning.

Artwork. Paintings, glass pieces, bronzes, engravings, sculptures, carving and wood-working.

Construction. Aerial and on-site photography.

Documentation. Technical photography for forensic, legal, insurance and patent application purposes.

Forestry Practices.Standing timber, logging operations, slash burning and site development.

Real Estate. Aerials, exteriors, interiors, landscaping, cabinetry and furnishings.

Reunions. Families and classes.

Scientific. Photomicroscopy, macro photography.

Weddings. Over 600 and counting...


    Governmental Agencies

    Fortune 500 Companies

    Local Businesses

    Families and Classes